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History of Legacy Brands

"The Perfect Blend"

Legacy barrel

In 2010, a friend with a new wine importing business, Southern Italy Imports, approached Triangle Distributing Company with an opportunity. They wish to partner with us to expand their wine distribution in our beer market. When we met with Southern Italy Imports, Triangle’s management quickly realized that if we were going to get into the wine business we had to go all in and do it right by creating a new division within Triangle Distributing Company. We knew that finding the right person to manage this new division was critical. We found that person through long personal ties in the liquor store business, Tom Bryfczynski.

Tom was looking for a new opportunity to use his wine knowledge and challenge his abilities to grow a new business, and we needed a person with this drive to make a serious play in the wine distribution market. It was the perfect blend!

"Success In The Making"

In 2011 Triangle Distributing created Legacy Brands so that we could tap into that ever growing and changing market. With loyal relationships, mutual respect and a set of people willing to invest and take a chance to do it right, Legacy has grown to be a wine distributor that customers look forward to dealing with.

Through Tom’s wine knowledge, industry relationships and drive he continues to create a thriving wine portfolio with wineries from all over the world. With our wine sales team we are making Legacy Brands a growing success.