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Abtei Pils

The unusual Pils. Local hops supply the hops notes which are very pronounced in this beer. The body heavier than most other Pils beers. A Pils that just does not conform to the standard Pils concept. But that makes it so intriguing. A superior class Pils rarely matched by other Pils beers. Alc. 5.2% by volume.

Kristall - Premium Lager

An Export style bottom fermented, light colored beer with 5.6% Alc. by vol. This brew has a pleasant hops bitterness achieved with selected hops from the local Muehlviertel area. Local barley is used to give the beer the intriguing malt flavor and the solid body. It has a fresh, smooth taste with a fairly dry finish. A local favorite for over a century. A stunning brew.


A dark double-bock with a lot of malt flavor and robust body. A perfect balance with its pronounced hops bitterness. Barley and hops are from the local area. This most drinkable beer will be appreciated by all bock-beer aficionados. A whooping Alc. 8.3% by vol.

Red Ale

This beer was brewed in honor of a famed local writer by the name of Adalbert Stifter. As cool- ing technics were not available at that time the beer was brewed with top fermentation yeast. Schlaegl kept the tradition and even maintain the open fermen-tation vat. Because of the selected barley used, the beer has a red color appearance. Hence the name “Red Ale”. Alc. 4.90% by vol.

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The only brewery in Austria 100% owned by a religious order, the historic Abbey Schlagl was founded in 1218. The "Jewel of the Mühlviertel" has been the spiritual and cultural center of the region since it's inception.