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477 Distilling

477 Distilling

"Whiskey – because no good story starts with a glass of milk." That is what we believe, and that is what the great people of Greeley, Colorado confirmed when they voted to end city-wide temperance in 1969. The controversial measure passed by only 477 votes and made the production and sale of alcohol legal in a once dry city. We proudly represent those 477 votes by crafting award-winning spirits that lead to new stories."We Love Serving People, We Love Our Community And We Love Making Cocktails Better"

Complice Mezcal

Complice Mezcal

The name of Cómplice Mezcal comes from a story. One night, a man learned of the existence of a legendary mezcalero who had the gift of capturing the essence of a person in the drops of mezcal. The man was determined to find the master. After a long period of searching, he finally found the legendary teacher. After talking for a long time, the master agreed to reveal his secrets, giving rise to a mutual complicity: whenever any of the descendants of the man found the teacher, he would teach him to capture the essence of a person in a mezcal in exchange for keeping the secret within the family. This is how, generation after generation, members of the family have maintained the unique flavor and secret of the mezcal: Cómplice Mezcal.

A.E.Dor Cognac

A.E. Dor Cognac

Located in the heart of Jarnac, A.E.Dor still enjoys a reputation built on a crusading passion to source and produce the very best Cognacs that the region has to offer. Enjoying the benefits of being a producer as well as a negotiant, the art of blending forms the foundation of the house's quest to produce a range of Cognacs that truly express the character and essence of the Cognac region.

Legacy Brands carries VS, VSOP, XO, XO Decanter Bottle, Napoleon and Pineau Blanc

Gelas Armagnac

Gelas Armagnac

The Gelas family traces go way back to 1246, in the form of the King’s Musketeer, D’Artagnan (born Charles de Batz), but it was really not until around the middle of the 19th century that the Gélas family linked its own destiny to that of Armagnac. In 1865, Guillaume Gélas, a respected barrel maker, bequeathed his business to his son Baptiste, who in turn created the Maison Gélas. He duly moved into the premises currently occupied by the firm, and embarked on the business of making and selling Armagnacs.

Legacy Brands carries Selection, 8 year and 18 year

Van Drastic Vodka

Van Drastic Vodka

Van Drastic Vodka is what vodka should be. This craft liquor is made in small batches using only the finest grains in the Midwest. Van Drastic distills the vodka three times, then filters it ten times for an unrivaled smooth taste and texture. On top of all that, every bottle is adorned with a unique piece of artwork, made by the distillery's owner. Though the artwork changes annually, the impeccable vodka always stays the same.

Turmeon Blue Velvet Gin


BLUE VELVET is a transfiguration, a totally new and yet familiar flower that will whisk you away to a world full of daring, irreverence and freedom. This citric floral gin highlights an unprecedented powdery duo of violet and iris, given a modern edge by a dash of lemon and cherry blossom. Its iconic color comes from the antocianin extracted from vegetal sources, wich also gives to the gin a fruty flavour. When you change the ph (adding lemon juice or tonic), its color change from an intense blue to violet (ultraviolet was chosen color of the year 2018).



The Russo Distillery has been expertly producing fine liqueurs for three generations. Limoncello is the pride of the establishment and is produced through a rigorous artisanal production process that has been passed down through the family.

Legacy Brands carries Limoncello, Mandrarino and Nocino.

Chapillon, Vermouth


Christophe Chapillon , French, married with 2 children, was born and lived in Tours, a city in the Loire Valley (France). In the 90's he moved to Aragon, Spain.

In 2006, he decides to follow the family adventure (his uncle being a winemaker in the Loire) and starts his own winemaking business. With the help of Cesar Langa (owner of the oldest family farm in Aragon), he launches the "Chapillon" brand. A line of modern and unique, exclusive wines, very different from those that are usually produced in this area. They are mainly Spanish wines, but with a discreet French influence. Christophe travels around the world to present his Cava Secret Reserva Brut Nature and his wines

Legacy Brands carries Turmeon Original, Rose and White


Uomini Grappa

A glass of grappa is an Italian after-dinner drink. Consisting of grape pomace—the stems, seeds, and skins winemakers discard—this alcoholic beverage packs a fiery punch and helps its consumers digest big meals.

Chocolate Cuvee

Chocolate Cuvee

This is what happens when a chocolate loving winemaker gets his hands on a few barrels of premium Calwine!

Party Pouch Pre-Mixed Cocktails

party pouch

Party Pouch from Fresh Start Spirits is a Ready To Drink Cocktail that comes in three different flavors. Enjoy the Blue Agave Margarita, Lemonade Tea Vodka or the Sex on the Beach.


Lautenbach's Ciders

Lautenbach Orchard invite you to visit their family farm in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin - where they have been growing, harvesting, and producing award-winning fruit products since 1955 - and hope you will continue to make Orchard Country a tradition in your family for generations to come!

Legacy Brands carries Stone Cold Cherry, Hard Core Apple and Rockin Hard Cherry Apple Ciders